Mich. Masons: Deaths

The PDF’s below are a listing of the deaths identified in the annual Transactions and Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan. Within each volume documenting the annual gathering of the Grand Lodge, an “In Memoriam” section identifies all of the known members of the Michigan masonic community that had died in the previous calendar year. Sorted by lodge number, the Memoriam section is often challenging for genealogists not familiar with their ancestors’ lodge name or number.

These files address that access difficulty, as they offer a straight alphabetical index. Researchers will find the decedent’s name, death date, lodge name, number, and location in Michigan, all important clues for finding obituaries, death records, and much more.

To date, this site contains more than 18,500 extractions from the 1930-1938 volumes, which largely contain 1929-1937 deaths. Names and dates appear as they are shown in the volumes, and the spaces with “Van” or “Van De” surnames have been removed for consistency’s sake. Additional volumes and years will be added regularly as they are input.

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