Family Names

Here are some of the families I’m currently researching, and where they were when:

Alderson: Allegheny County, PA (1840′s to 1950′s); Chicago, IL (1920′s to 1960′s)

Grobner: St. Louis, MO (1870′s to 1880′s); Quincy, IL (1880′s); Chicago, IL (1890′s to 1930′s)

Hanna: Pittsburgh, PA (1850′s to 1870′s)

Hansen: Chicago, IL (1880′s to 1940′s)

Hopper: Washington County, PA (1850′s to 1910′s)

Jarand: St. Louis, MO (1840′s); Quincy, IL (1850′s to 1880′s)

Kamp: Pittsburgh, PA (1860′s); Washington County, PA (1870′s to 1920′s)

Piotrowski: Chicago, IL (1910′s); Gary, IN (1910′s); Dowagiac, MI (1910′s); Kalamazoo, MI (1920′s to 1970′s)

Russell: Toronto, ON (1880′s to 1900′s); Chicago, IL (1910′s to 1950′s)

Rzepczynski: Chicago, IL (1910′s to 1920′s); East Chicago, IN (1920′s to 1930′s)

Stempkowski: Chicago, IL (1910′s)

Tobolski / Topoll: Chicago, IL (1910′s); Kalamazoo, MI (1920′s to 1940′s)

Vero: Jefferson County, OH (1870′s); Allegheny County, PA (1880′s to 1930′s)

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